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Although Phoenix may be especially known for its high summer temperatures, it is important to be prepared for the chilly evenings and mornings that occur during the winter. By talking to our team at Comfort One Air Conditioning, you can have true peace of mind knowing that you have dependable heating and furnace services for any issue you may experience.

Contact our Phoenix heater repair services now at (602) 353-7444 to ask any questions about a potentially failing furnace or other heating system.

Choosing the Right Fuel for Heating Your Home

In addition to selecting the kind of furnace or heater you desire for your residence, it is also important to think about the fuel that your system is going to use. Although wood and coal used to be the most common type of fuel in the past, there are much more cost-effective and efficient options today. Natural gas, for example, is one of the most popular types of fuel. Not only is heating your home with natural gas very reliable, but it generally costs very little as well, and can result in 97% efficiency levels. Other alternatives (if you cannot access natural gas) include oil and electricity, which are both very affordable but not quite as efficient. 

Call Comfort One Air Conditioning today at (602) 353-7444 or contact us online for a free estimate on any other heating and furnace services in Phoenix.

Types of Furnaces to Choose for Your Installation

Before you get started on purchasing your new furnace, it is important to be fully knowledgeable of the multiple kinds of systems that are out there. By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of alternative furnaces, you will be able to select the one that best fits your family’s individual needs.

The three primary furnaces which you should consider for your new installation include:

  • Single-stage furnaces: This is the most basic type of furnace available to purchase, and it is quite affordable. Since there is only one level of operation, meaning it operates at a single, steady speed, this system only turns on and off. 
  • Two-stage furnaces: Because these systems offer a bit more control of the temperature, with settings for half speed and full speed, they are also a bit more expensive. However, their consistency and efficiency make them a great option.
  • Variable-speed furnaces: The most advanced system of the three, variable-speed furnaces offer maximum control in operating the levels of speed and the amount of emitted heat. Even though these are the costliest type of furnaces, their sensitivity to indoor and outdoor temperatures means these supremely efficient systems will save you money in the long run.

Arrange for Rapid Furnace Repairs

When your furnace is not behaving properly, it is not a good idea to procrastinate in arranging repairs by a professional. You may be tempted to save your appointment for a “rainy day,” but the longer that you allow your furnace to go without proper repairs, the more likely a small issue will develop into a huge breakdown. 

What Are The Symptoms of a Failing Heating System?

Common signs of a failing heating system include loud noises coming from the furnace, reduced levels of heat, and poor airflow. Our Phoenix heating & furnace services can provide heater repair services to fix any issues your unit may be facing. 

Comfort One Air Conditioning offers Phoenix area homeowners inspections to identify potential problems with their heating system before it fails entirely. An inspection will also help identify areas that may need maintenance or repairs so you don't have to worry about an unexpected breakdown in the middle of winter. If you are noticing any of these symptoms, contact our Phoenix heating & furnace services at Comfort One Air Conditioning for professional Phoenix heater repair services today. Don't wait until the cold weather sets in to make sure your heating system is functioning properly.

Failing Phoenix area heaters can be dangerous, so it's important to address any issues as soon as possible. The professionals at Comfort One Air Conditioning have the knowledge and experience to identify problems with your heater quickly, saving you time and money. 

Call Comfort One Air Conditioning today at (602) 353-7444 or contact us online for a free estimate on any other heating and furnace services in Phoenix.


    The technician arrived with the diagnostic tools to determine the problem as well as the tools for repair. Obvious the tech knew what he was doing. The furnace required a new Capacitor which required the Tech to go up on the roof. The job was done in less than an hour.

    Mark Y.

    This company came immediately this fall when my A/C shorted when the roofers moved it, and got it running again. When my heater went out before Xmas they came out the same day, diagnosed the problem, and had the part ordered. It took less than 20 minutes for them to install the part, and yay, the heater is working!

    Lisa H.

    We had a great experience with comfort one! The technician was prompt, friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. He addressed the issue quickly and the price was reasonable. We plan to get their maintenance package because they were so pleasant to work with! Thanks comfort one!

    Kim B.

    This company is a real gem in the industry. They are very responsive, explain everything you need and want to know, went over the options, and got the job done! They replaced two aging heat pump a/c rooftop units and were flexible enough to work with the roofer to do what was needed to seal underneath before completion. The price was very fair and competitive, and every one of their staff was pleasant and professional. I highly recommend them!

    Ben S.

    Our AC started blowing warm air. We called Comfort One and they came out so quickly and had it fixed in no time. Our tech was so kind, answered ALL of our questions, and explained things so well!

    Rebecca D.

    Comfort One Air Conditioning Came out the Same-Day to Repair our AC Unit. They were prompt, we're pushy, propped up our system and gave us advice on the next steps. The honest company would highly recommend them!

    Tom W.

    I have used Comfort One since 2018 and love them and their service! They are honest, integrity-based, and service-oriented. It is like dealing with a friend who is taking care of you. Also, 2 of my friends have used them and one even said I saved her life with them they loved them so much. I have dealt mainly with Taps and Jessica (owners) and also John. The last few visits John has come. Recently he replaced the motor on my air conditioner. He found that it was under warranty and handled everything. Thank you for being the type of company I know I can completely rely on. I appreciate you.

    Amy S.

    This company has been top-notch. I’ve worked with Taps and Jon at my work and now use them for my home. They are wonderful to work with and prices are fair and transparent. They are very responsive and communicate well. the comfort zone is my go-to HVAC company.

    Matt S.

    I have been looking to find a reliable HVAC company for several years now. After trying several companies, Comfort One AC is the one. Today was my first experience with them and Jonathan was a Superstar! He discovered that my AC had been overcharged with refrigerant. He took the time to explain what that meant and how it could impact my system. He, of course, but the refrigerant to the level it should be. Excellent customer service can be hard to find, but that's exactly what Jonathan provided today. If you are looking for a new AC company, go with Comfort One AC. They are the BEST!

    W T.
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